Asian Parents

Posted On July 11, 2012

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Great thing about Asian parents is they may be scary for your friends at first;

but once they love them, they’ll treat them like family.


I’ve also just realized that Chinese parents are damn loud

because they’re teaching us to be straightforward & not backstabbing.


Some people may ask why an unmarried aged woman/man still live with their Asian parents.

Because to us: whatever happens family comes first.


Why do Asian parents always expect us to get the perfect A?

They want us to give our best so that we can survive in this judging society.


Asian parents teach us not to be EASILY SATISFIED.

Because when you are, dude, welcome to the narrow-mindedness phase of your life.


So yeah….before you start judging Asian parents, think about the lessons they want us to learn. #ASIANPRIDE



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